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Từ đồng nghĩa-TOEFL, Bài số 26

Tìm từ đồng nghĩa với từ được gạch chân - Trình độ TOEFL, Bài số 26

1. The densely populated area was a breeding place for infections diseases.

2. Prejudice towards people of a different color probably results from a lack of security in oneself.

3. Inspectors are coming to the factory because of the problems with inflammable materials.

4. As soon as the board of elections promulgates the list of candidates, a ballot is prepared.

5. Flu shots are given every fall as a precaution against an epidemic the following winter.

6. If Mr. Jones had known that she were a criminal, he would never have aided or helped her in any way.

7. A good student is eager to learn and does not need to be warned about being absent too often.

8. Enraged by being taxed without being given representation, New Englanders tipped tea into Boston harbor.

9. The memorandum sent to all departments stressed how urgent the action was.

10. The government is engaged in a project to pacify the hostile element of society.

11. The planet Pluto travels around the sun in an elliptical orbit approximately once every 248 years.

12. Professor Johnson has a thorough knowledge of Egyptian hieroglyphics.

13. It is not possible for people to remember everything that they have thought, felt, or done.

14. The ultimate cause of the Civil War was the bombardment of Fort Sumter.

15. Microprocessors, unlike computers, are programmed to complete defined tasks.

16. The mission at San Juan Capistrano was partially destroyed by an earthquake in 1812.

17. The "New Deal" was President Franklin D. Roosevelt's plan to counteract the economic hardship of the Depression.

18. Insects are the most diverse class of animals in number, form, and natural range.

19. On the Fahrenheit scale, 32 degrees is the freezing point of pure water.

20. Exchanges of language and culture were a direct result of commerce.

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