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Tìm từ sai-TOEFL- Lesson số 36

Tìm từ sai trong số các từ được gạch chân - Trình độ TOEFL, Bài số 36

1. The geology professor showed us a sample about volcanic rock which dated back seven hundred years.

2. A sore throat interferes with daily life by making swallow difficult.

3. No longer is scientific discovery a matter of one person alone working.

4. Although there are new drugs on the market, deaths from malaria are being increasing in some parts of the world.

5. It was Vitus Bering, the Danish sea captain, who discovered Alaska on its voyage to Russia in 1741.

6. From the vibrations of the web, was set up by trapped animal, a spider learns much about the nature of its catch.

7. The new technique calls for heat the mixture before applying it to the wood.

8. The girls were sorry to had missed the singers when they arrived at the airport.

9. Drug addiction has resulted of many destroyed careers, and expulsions from school or college.

10. She is looking forward to go Europe after she finishes her studies at the university.

11. The Bill of Right was added to the Constitution specifically to guarantee certain the individual rights.

12. The primary concern of a central bank is to maintenance of a sound based commercial banking structure.

13. The registrar has requested that each student and teacher sign their name on the grade sheet before submitting it.

14. The government requires that a census be taken every ten years so accurate statistics may be compiled.

15. Only a little early scientists, among them Bacon, Copernicus, and Bruno, believed that the principles underlying the physical world could be discovered and understood through careful observation and analysis.

16. Quality control studies show that employees work the most efficient when they are involved in the total operation rather than in only one part of it.

17. On the fourth July in 1884, the Statue of Liberty was presented formally by the people of France to the people of the United States.

18. After the yolk separated from the white, it must be boil immediately.

19. According to the 1978 Bakke decision by the Supreme Court, an university may not use admissions quotas to obtain a racially balanced student body.

20. We are suppose to read all of chapters seven and answer the questions for tomorrow's class.

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